Lolita Snipes’ Good God A’mighty!

Title : Good God A'Mighty!

Review by Kayla Williams for Jubilee Magazine.
Playwright Lolita Snipes puts a comedic spin on traditional southern church in her hilarious musical. Tony award-winning actress and legendary singer Melba Moorestars in a comedic musical that takes the audience on a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at what happens when a new-age pastor meets a traditional southern church congregation. The 14th Street Playhouse in Atlanta set the perfect quaint atmosphere for the play, which debuted on Valentine’s Day. When a young pastor from New York moves down to the “Big Easy” in New Orleans to lead a church, he finds himself bumping heads with the congregation stuck in their traditional ways. The crazy antics are non-stop when two church mothers fall head over heels for the young pastor and his handsome looks. The hilarious duo of Mother Nelson and Mother Calhoun, played by comedian Just June and Shena Renee’, keep the crowd in constant laughter. Amidst the comedy, Snipes is able to weave larger themes of love, relationships and the importance of belonging to a community into the play—as well as showing us all that God certainly has a sense of humor. Headliner Melba Moore plays the role of Reen L’Dimp, the feisty choir director determined to run the new pastor and his wife out from the church and back to their northern roots. Moore began her acting career on Broadway in the classic musical HAIR, and made history as the first African-American to perform in the role of Fantine on Broadway in the acclaimed musical, Les Misérables. In addition to her acting career, Moore is known for her vocal talents and Billboard hits like “This Is It”, “You Stepped Into My Life” and “Living for Love”. Loyal fans of the great songstress will not be disappointed as she exudes her vocal skills throughout the play. “Good God A’ Mighty!” gives the audience a variety of music selection ranging from gospel, classic choir music and a-cappella, to R&B. A well-put together ensemble of talented artists with great chemistry, I could not stop laughing. It’s the perfect show for any date night or for a night out with the entire family.